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Athletic shoes maker New Balance (UK) uses Cobwebb Document Management as part of a Europe-wide initiative to simplify and standardise its document output. Combining New Balance’s Power server across several countries and languages with Cobwebb Document Management, New Balance is producing invoices, credit notes, acknowledgements, cancellations, pro forma invoices and thermal labels for manufacturing.

Success in the apparel industry is determined by the quality of products marketed, volume of sales, and costs of production and investment. The degree to which organisations are able to operate efficiently on a procedural level is a major factor in how well they are able to use their resources to limit costs.

The Cobwebb Document Management suite of fully supported business software from Cobwebb Communications can help your organisation to operate more efficiently. Cobwebb Document Management’s graphic user interface is easy to operate, saves time and cuts out human error, and will allow you to simplify and standardise the output of every document you send to your customers.

One client feeling the benefits of using Cobwebb Document Management is New Balance (UK), the athletic shoes maker. New Balance employs over 210 people at its site in Cumbria and produces more than 28,000 pairs of shoes a week. Almost 90% of its sales revenues are from exports, with 40% of all footwear sold going to European markets.

The company decided to implement Cobwebb Document Management as part of a Europe-wide initiative to simplify and standardise its document output. Using its corporate Wide-Area Network (WAN) across several countries and language barriers, New Balance’s IBM i server together with Cobwebb Document Management server generates and distributes the following business-critical documents:

  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Acknowledgements
  • Cancellations
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Thermal labels for manufacturing

With the comfort of knowing that their system of business documentation is robust, reliable, backed up and beyond the influence of human error, New Balance is able to do what it does best: produce and market great running shoes.

Cobwebb Document Management from Cobwebb Communications can do the same for you and your organisation. Contact us today for details.

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Industry specific solutions

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