Cobwebb Fax

Business documents faxed reliably, conveniently and securely.

Cobwebb Fax is a solution designed to enable you to send your customers and suppliers hard copies of time-critical business documents, reliably, conveniently and securely.

When you need to send your customers and suppliers hard copies of time-critical business documents, your first requirements are reliability, convenience and security. Fortunately, Cobwebb Fax from Cobwebb Communications gives you all three in an easy-to-use solution. Used as part of Cobwebb Document Management, Cobwebb Fax allows you to select and send spooled IBM i (AS/400) printed documents and files in the format and font of your choice.

Using the Cobwebb Designer function to lay out documents, Cobwebb Fax contains a convenient fax number directory for all your important contacts and checks to see if there are duplicated numbers before sending. It also features a queuing system with automated retries of faxes not able to be sent. In this way, you can design the look of your faxes to complement your company branding, be sure that the fax is sent to the intended recipient, and know that Cobwebb Fax’s automated system has removed human error.

Featuring bar code support and compatible with PC Windows Fax, Cobwebb Fax includes incoming fax support and may be used with an internal fax card/modem and IBM Fax/400, or the Ascom Fax Modem connected to a IBM i communications port and the IBM Fax/400.

Use Cobwebb Fax from Cobwebb Communications and look forward to complete service support for IBM i faxing. Drop us a line and ask us about how we’ll plan and install the system, then guarantee you all the support you need.


  • Easy to use automated spooled filer interface to fax
  • Fax number directory
  • Fax queue with many options
  • Cobwebb Fax Editor
  • Programming API to interface directly to the application