Cobwebb as a Service

Cobwebb Document Management is a powerful, flexible tool for reformatting, distributing and archiving documents generated by your business systems.

ERP, WMS, HR systems, etc., all generate many and varied documents that need to get to their final destination reliably and in the correct format. It is also extremely useful to have an electronic copy of these documents stored and referenceable on demand.

Cobwebb Document Management can be installed on your business premises or accessed as a service. For an annual fee, Cobwebb Document Management will manage all your business documents, reformatting and distributing them according to a set of predefined business rules, while simultaneously and automatically indexing and archiving them.

All the power of Cobwebb Document Management offered as a service for a simple annual fee. Whether you run Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Navision, Lawson M3, etc., Cobwebb is your business document partner for document management.


  • Peace of mind
  • Reliable document processing
  • Electronic documents for quick and easy reference
  • Reformatting tailored to your specific business needs