Tungsten Transformation Modules

Once data has been captured by Tungsten Capture, Tungsten Transformation Modules transforms that data into useful, actionable business information.

Tungsten Transformation Modules is essential to transform the information that has been collected by Tungsten Capture into data that is useful to your business.

The software makes sense of the captured data and seamlessly integrates it into your business applications and databases, where it can be retrieved in an instant.  

This data is automatically audited to monitor its performance, such as recognition rates, and notifications allow you to take suitable action to deal with any potential problems before they occur, thus resulting in the smooth running of your business systems.  


  • Makes all business-critical information accessible and actionable
  • Accelerates processing times
  • Dramatically reduces costs of manual processing
  • Increases productivity
  • Draws attention to potential problems before they occur
  • Eliminates errors that occur from manual classification, separation and extraction