Infor® OS

Your platform for digital transformation

Infor® OS is an operating platform that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust technology framework that serves as the foundation of innovation for the entire business ecosystem.

Infor customers should consider Infor OS to benefit from simplified integration with Infor & 3rd party applications (ION and ION-API), single sign-on (IFS), automated workflows and a common user interface across applications (Ming.le).

Cobwebb has expertise in the following Infor OS disciplines :


  • Increase collaboration & productivity
  • Improve user adoption
  • Increase visibility and make better decision
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Future proof

Infor OS overview

Infor OS is a future-proof operating service that serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise. Infor SVP Massimo Capoccia lays out the 3 major value points of Infor OS: productivity, seamless integration, and automation. "Infor OS is the cloud platform that brings user productivity, business process management, and Coleman AI all together for you."