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This command must be run on the IBM i. First you need to make sure that you have the CPPD library in your library list.  To do this, enter the following command: -


If the library already exists in your library list, you will receive an error message, which you may ignore.  

Next enter CRTPPD and press F4=Prompt.  

The first parameter gives you two options *SLTSPL and *ENTSPL.  

The *ENTSPL is used if you wish to embed the CRTPPD command in a CL program and will allow you to enter the spooled file name and job details. If an * is used in the Job name the last spooled file created in the current job is used.  

For testing, unless you know the job details of the spooled file that you wish to test, it is easier if you use *SLTSPL.  Leave the default of *SLTSPL and press Enter.   You will now be able to enter selection criteria and the spooled file or files matching the selection criteria will be selected and converted.

For example:


Here we have specified the user, output queue, user data and the PPD member name as highlighted above.

For further details of the other parameters that may be used when using *SLTSPL and *ENTSPL please select one of the links below.

Using Select spooled file *SLTSPL

Using Enter spooled file *ENTSPL