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Please review the Priority and adjust if necessary so that it correctly reflects the severity of the incident to the business.

Severity Level: 1. Critical (Production System Down)
Your production system, database, or Component System is inoperable, or a critical application failure has occurred and business processes are halted. There are no workarounds available.

Severity Level: 2. High
A critical business process is impaired, causing a serious disruption of a major business function and is causing a serious impact on daily functions or processing, and there is no acceptable workaround.

Severity Level: 3. Medium
Non-critical issue occurs with the Component System. Licensee is able to run the Component System, and there is an acceptable workaround for the issue.

Severity Level: 4. Low
An inquiry or low impact issue that does not require immediate attention. This includes cosmetic issues on screens, errors in documentation, or a request regarding use of the Component System.

Severity Level: 5. Suggestion for Enhancement
A suggestion is made for enhancing the Component System by adding new features or improving existing features.

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