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If you are having problems with your output then you can enable Trace Mode (debugging) for a specific Spooled File Monitor job running in the CPPD subsystem. Normally this job will be called SPLMON but if you have many monitor jobs you may have created a new Data Queue to handle some of the Output Queues. The name of the job running in the CPPD Subsystem will be the name of the Data Queue.

Trace Mode

Trace mode will enable any Trace elements you have added to your Cobwebb Design for debugging purposes to be written to the joblog. Any TRACE statements in the Cobwebb Server software will also be output such as the Parameter values on the Input and Output of Exit programs.

Enable Trace Mode for existing SLPMON job

From version 6.2.82 of the Server software Trace Mode can be enabled from the Work with Spooled File Monitor without having to Stop and Restart the CPPD subsystem.

Or.... from a command line on the Server enter:


Find the SPLMON job that you wish to debug and place a 2 = Change beside the entry and then press F4=Prompt

Press F10=Additional Parameters

Page Down until you see "Job switches..." e.g. 10000000

You need to change the last entry (switch 8) to be a "1" which will turn Trace Mode on e.g. 10000001

Press Enter

Once this has been done any subsequent spool file being processed by this Spool File Monitor will contain extra entries in the Joblog. This will include any Trace elements that have been added to your design.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have found the problem you should switch this entry back to "0" otherwise you may receive messages saying that the Job message queue is full. Stopping and Re-starting the CPPD subsystem will also re-set the Job switches.

Interactive Trace Mode

The CHGTSTMOD command will allow you to switch either Test mode (U7) and/or Trace (U8) mode on or off for your interactive session i.e. when you either call CRTPPD or RUNPPD to test your Cobwebb Design (PPD). This command has been included from version 6.2.66.