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The Server tab allows you to change your IBM i defaults.

Server options

System Name

This should have been entered when the Cobwebb Designer was installed, but it may be changed here. This should be the IP Address or Name of your IBM i.

Export Path

If you wish to use TCP/IP to export your CPPD files from the PC to the IBM i then you do not need to enter a path here. If you are using Client Access Express then the Export Path must contain the path to the PCIN directory in the folder CPPD on your IBM i.  To find this path click on Browse.

Use Sockets

This entry should be checked if you wish to use the TCP/IP interface to export your PPD files from the PC to the IBM i. This does away with the need for Client Access and Shared Folders. The Port entry should be left as 3772 unless you have been asked to change this by Cobwebb Support.


This entry should contain the name of the CPPD library on your IBM i. This should normally be CPPD unless you have renamed this.

XPD File Version

The XPD file version is used for backward compatibility. If the version of your PC software is newer than your IBM i software then you can set this to the version number of your IBM i software.

Chttpd Address

This is the path to the Cobwebb Web Server used for the Cobwebb Docstore module and the Cobwebb Message Queue web interface. This should be in the following format:


where XXXXXXX is the IBM i name or IP address. This will default to the same as the System Name above. Note: if using HTTP then this will be http://XXXXXXX:6440.

If you do not specify a correct address here you will not be able to see the list of available Docstores or Document Types for selection in the Docstore Output Device.

Note: The port is defaulted to 6400 if you change this here you will also have to change it, via the web service in the chttpd Configuration.

Installed Font Libraries

Here you may select the relevant font files on your IBM i. QFNTCPL comes as standard with every IBM i and should be selected.  The other font tables should only be selected if you have purchased them from IBM.  If you scroll down you should see further entries e.g.



From v6.2.30 of the Cobwebb Server software and v6.95 of the Cobwebb Designer, if you selected to Update the Cobwebb Designer Font Library, you should see the IBM True Type Fonts [IBMTTF].

From v7.10 of the Cobwebb Designer you will be able to select QFNT16 which supports the following languages:


Cyrillic - for Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and English



Note: All of the above fonts also support the Latin characters.

Spooled File Defaults

This is where you may set the defaults for the ‘Import Spooled file’ option. The Print Queue and Library is used as the default Output queue, the Max pages should be set to the number of pages that you wish to copy from the IBM i.  All of these may be overridden when you select to Import your Spooled File.