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The RGZPPDQ command is provided to allow you to save the Cobwebb queue to a Save File and for selected queue entries to be deleted.   This command is used when you Schedule Housekeeping via the Cobwebb Fax & Email Menu - System Maintenance - Housekeeping Menu - Option 4. This command incorporates the SAVPPDQ and CLRPPDQ commands.

If you then wanted to view old entries you would need to restore the Save File to a NEW library (NOT CPPD) then add this library to your library list (use ADDLIBLE NNNN where NNNN is your new library name). When you select "Option 4 - Work with Queue from the Cobwebb Fax and Email menu you will be looking at the saved queue entries - view only.

Notes:  The CPPD subsystem is ended at the beginning of the job then, when it has cleared the records, it will reorganise ANY file in library CPPD that has deleted records, and then re-start the CPPD subsystem.

The following files will be saved:


CPPD Fax & Email queue index records


Fax message text


Email message text


Converted Fax images


Incoming Fax images


Fax & Email log file

You should include this in your day-end or week-end job routine by creating a Scheduled Job - see Schedule Housekeeping.  


You need to define the following parameters:

SAVLIB - Save file library

From version 6.2.30 you will no longer see this entry as the required objects are now saved directly from library CPPD. This has been left as a hidden entry in the command for backward compatibility so that any schedule jobs will still run successfully.

This is the name that will be given to a temporary library used in the SAVPPDQ command which will be deleted when the Save File has been created. This library must not already exist. NOTE: You will need to use this library name as the "Saved library" if you wish to restore the library from the saved file. This entry is not used if you specify *NONE as the Save file parameter - see below.

SAVF - Save file

Enter a meaningful name for your Save File perhaps incorporating the date for future reference. This will make it easier to work out which Save File contains which queue records if you need to restore the file and look at the records. This file must not already exist.

NOTE: If you do not wish to Save the Queue then you may specify *NONE here and then the SAVPPDQ command will not be run just the CLRPPDQ command.

LIB - Library

Enter the name of the library where you wish your Save File containing the queue entries to be saved. This library must exist.

REPL - Replace existing save file

If a save file already exists with the above name then you can use this option to overwrite the existing file. Choose *YES to overwrite the save file if it exists or *NO if the save file name you have entered does not exist and you wish the program to create it. NOTE: If you do not specify *YES and the save file already exists then a message will be written to the joblog and the job will end and the CPPD subsystem will not be restarted.

CLRDAY - Clear if older than (days)

Specify the number of days for which you wish to keep messages on the queue.  The selected queue records will be checked against this parameter and, if older, be printed / deleted according to subsequent entries.  If left blank then the default will be used. To change the default entry select Option 6 – Work with system parameters then Option 1 - System parameters and then Option 1 – System parameters again and change the Clear PPD Queue entry.

CLRS - Clear sent entries

If you enter a "Y" then entries with status "S" for Sent messages are selected.

CLRW - Clear waiting entries

If you enter a "Y" then entries with status "W" for Wait messages are selected.

CLRD - Clear deleted entries

If you enter a "Y" then entries with status "D" for Deleted messages are selected.

CLRQ - Clear queued entries

If you enter a "Y" then entries with status "Q" for Queued messages are selected.  

PRTOPT - Print removed entries

Specify the entries that you would like to be printed. The queue details (not the text) are printed to give one line for each entry selected.


Do not print any messages


Only print Sent messages being removed.


Only print Received messages being removed.


Print ALL messages being removed.

QSRV - Select service

Specify the type of messages that you would like to select.


Only clear Fax message type


Only clear Email message type


Clear all message types