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DLTORPHAND - Delete orphaned messages

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From version 6.2.24 - This command must be run on the IBM i and allows you to Print & optionally Delete any orphaned Fax or Email Message text or Additional Email Destinations. When we talk about "orphaned" we mean where the main Queue record [AFAXQ] has been deleted. You may run the command without the Delete option to print details of any orphaned records before proceeding to delete them.

Please end the CPPD subsystem before running this command e.g.


The files that will be checked are:

AFAXDOC - If you select Message Type = Fax or All. This holds the Fax Message details.

AEMLDOC - If you select Message Type = Email or All. This holds the Email Message details.

AFAXQEA - If you select Message Type = Email or All. This holds the Additional Email Destinations.

Make sure that you have the CPPD library in your library list.  To do this, enter the following command: -


If the library already exists in your library list, you will receive an error message, which you may ignore.  

Next enter DLTORPHAND and press F4=Prompt.  

Command Parameters

Select Message Type (MSGTYP)

The type of Message that you wish to check for orphaned records.


Fax Messages only


Email Messages and Additional Destinations only


All Messages and Additional Destinations

Remove Orphaned Records? (REMOVE)

This command will print details of any orphaned messages for the selected Message Type. If you wish to actually Delete these orphaned records then enter a Y here.


Simply Print details - uses QSYSPRT to your default Output Queue.


Print and Delete details.