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Posted by Daniel Webb on 10 June 2016 05:29 PM

Release Candidate

Version 6.2.69 - Compatible with OS400 V5R3M0 and above

Released - 10th June 2016

Cobwebb Communications Ltd. are proud to announce the latest Release Candidate [v6.2.69] of the Cobwebb Document Management Server software. 

This is the latest version and includes Enhancments and Fixes. This will be promoted to the Production Version once proven.


For a full list, read What's New in Cobwebb Document Management. Here are the highlights:

  • Fix for "First Page Selection" Error when compare data position is always blank

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Production Version

Version 6.2.61 - Compatible with OS400 V5R3M0 and above

Released - 28th February 2015

This is the recommend version for Production environments.

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