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Posted by Kim Stimpson on 08 January 2014 01:53 PM
Cobwebb Communications Ltd. are proud to announce the latest release [v6.2.40] of the Cobwebb Document Management Server software.

Critcal Upgrade for customers with Cobwebb Server versions 6.2.30 to 6.2.38 - we would highly recommend that you either upgrade to this version or apply the individual PTF.

Highlights (For a full list, read What's New in Cobwebb Document Management):

  • Critical Fix [individual PTF available for users on 6.2.30 to 6.2.38 to fix the following issue:]
    • CPPD was failing to store additional email addresses on new Email queue records. The outcome was that emails were being sent to the primary destination but never to any desired additional destinations.


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