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Posted by Daniel Webb on 17 December 2013 03:36 PM

Cobwebb Communications Ltd. are proud to announce the latest release [v6.2.37] of the Cobwebb Document Management Server software.

Critcal Upgrade for customers with Cobwebb Server versions 6.0.00 to 6.2.24 - we would highly recommend that you either upgrade to this version or apply the Individual PTF.

Highlights (For a full list, read What's New in Cobwebb Document Management):

  • Critical Fixes [individual PTF available for users on 6.0.00 to 6.2.24 to fix the following issues:]
    • Email attachments contain text from old emails.
    • Fax messages contain text from old faxes.
    • EMLAPI and/or SNDAPI jobs may become unresponsive and appear locked.
  • Output Device enhancements:
    • SCS Print output now has an option to Replace unprintable Characters
    • File Output now has an option to Replace existing file
    • New Print Output Bin selection
  • New output File Formats supported if you are using SPLAMATIC:
    • PDF/A
    • TIFF
    • Postscript
  • New Work with Folder Monitor option on the PPD file maintenance menu. Folders whose statuses are Online will be monitored when the CPPD subsystem is Active and the specified program called to process any files.
  • New command CRTTSTLIB to create a copy of your CPPD library.
  • New Address elements to allow for the selection of PDF Owner Password & PDF User Password
  • Added True Type and Open Type font support.
  • Facility to have more than one email driver to increase email throughput. This is a chargeable feature – please contact Cobwebb for details.

Comments (4)
30 May 2014 05:38 AM
No way, that last image, it rly looks realistic :O more than it ever did! haahha! jk, gr8 sketches keep it up!! and about those codes, its the first time i comment, so im hoping tht there aint any code waiting for me after i submit the comment
23 December 2015 02:33 PM
That really catpures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.
24 December 2015 11:09 PM
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26 December 2015 08:36 AM
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