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Cobwebb File for automatic conversion of IBM i spooled files to PDF or TXT files. Cobwebb File []
Cobwebb Barcode is a simple, comprehensive and reliable tool for the automatic creation of barcodes for IBM i. Whether printing labels or other documentation such as, despatch notes, shipping manifests or invoices, Cobwebb Barcode is the tool to use. Mo...
Cobwebb Docstore COLD for archiving and retrieving documents generated by Cobwebb Document Management More information: Docstore COLD []
Cobwebb Document Management for IBM i, encompasses forms re-design and distribution, document archiving, document scanning and mobile. More information: Cobwebb Document Management []
Cobwebb Email for re-designing IBM i spooled files and distributing by email More information: Cobwebb Email []
Cobwebb ePortal is a secure digital gateway enabling suppliers, customers and employees to retrieve and access documents online. More information: Cobwebb ePortal []
Cobwebb Fax for automatic reformatting of spooled files and distribution by fax from IBM i More info: Cobwebb Fax []
Cobwebb Mobile links the outside world with your business systems. Cobwebb Mobile []
Cobwebb Mobile POD (Proof Of Delivery) is a tool for cost effective proof of delivery using the latest available hardware and software advances. More information: Cobwebb Mobile POD [
Cobwebb Print for re-designing IBM i spooled files and distributing to LAN attached printers More information: Cobwebb Print []
e-documents are an essential part of the e-business revolution, so what is an 'e-document'? e-documents are documents sent by email, replacing the existing printed, faxed and EDI documents which form the current B2B communications. More information: Cob...
An overview of Robotic Process Automation and how it can help.
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