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IBM System i Colour Printing Petition
Posted by Daniel Webb on 09 November 2011 11:35 AM

The majority of IBM System i printing is via IBM Host Print Transform (HPT) which is excellent at connecting AS400's to LAN Printers, but doesn't support full colour images.

Colour is supported when printing directly to Colour AFP Printers, but these are much less common.
It is possible to print colour directly to 'PDF Direct' capable printers (fairly common), or by embedding a PCL or Postscipt datastream in a spooledfile, but only by losing some splf control (Each splf appears to only have one page on the outq for example).

We urge any interested parties to fill in a Design Change Request form, asking for FS45 full color AFP content to be supported by Host Print Transform. IBM does listen to its customers and will implement the required changes if it feels there is sufficient interest.

Sample form Data
(An IBM Customer Number is required)

Request title*

Add AFP FS45 IOCA Image Support to IBM Host Print Transform

Detailed description of the request (including unique usage)*

The IBM System i is an excellent Print Server but is hampered by its lack of colour support for LAN Attached Printers via Host Print Transform (HPT).

The IBM AFP print specification supports full colour via the IOCA FS45 function set.

HPT converts AFP to a printer native datastream (PCL or PostScript), but it does not currently support conversion of the FS45 function set.

We request that FS45 conversion support is added to HPT so that the IBM i can excel as a print server

Requested completion date (MM/DD/YYYY)
[Left Blank]
Problem area*
Importance of this request to your business / Impact to your company if IBM does not provide a solution*

Being able to fully utilise the System i as a print server would embed it further into our business.

If IBM does not provide a solution it will become more and more difficult to continue using the IBM System i as a print server, reducing its usefulness.

Requirement type*
Solution suggestions (include your ideas for a solution)

Add IOCA FS45 conversion support to HPT.

The attached pdf contains this information plus a screenshot of the form once filled out.


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