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The Cobwebb Fax Log provides a complete record of all incoming and outgoing messages.  It also provides a detailed communications audit trail. This can be found from the Cobwebb Fax & Email Menu - Option 5.

The Log is implemented as a multi-member database file.  A new member is added each time a communications session is started, this member will store data specific to that device session.  Log file member names are prefixed by 'FAX' for fax and ‘EML’ for email followed by the communications process job number (e.g. member FAX123456 pertains to fax communications job 123456).

You may scan one or more log file members for a specified text string.  For example, you may wish to review all messages sent to a particular destination.  To do this, you could search on either the destination fax number or email address (or perhaps the name of the addressee).  Each time the search string is encountered, the message containing the string is displayed (see WRKQ > 5=View).

Log file members may also be saved offline.  When one or more members are saved, the queue entries are also saved.



Enter a search string.  This is always in uppercase; the scan function will translate log text to upper case before comparing.


Nominate which messages should be included in the scan, 1=Send only, 2=Receive only, 3=All messages.


Specifies one or more log members to be included in the scan. The procedure for scanning is:

a.Type the scan text string and message select code (1=Send only, 2=Receive only, 3=All messages).

b.Type a 1 next to each member to be included in the scan  use the Rollup key to display the next page of members, if available.

c.Press Enter, each message containing the search string is then displayed (press Enter to proceed to the next message).


Specifies one or more members to be saved.  The save includes prompting you to copy data to an off-line media (diskette or tape).  The actual save will take place when you press F3 (Exit).  Saved members are automatically removed.


Removes (deletes) one or more members. All data in these members is lost.


Displays the contents of one or more members.


Prints the contents of one or more members.

The following information is displayed for each member in the logfile:


The log file member name.


The data the member was added.


Number of records in the member.

Function keys


Display previous page of log file members.


Display next page of log file members.


Exit the Work with Log function.  Any members saved will now be copied to off-line media.


Redisplay Work with Log member list.  Members tagged as *REMOVED on current display will not appear.

F8=Work with Archive Q

Displays the Archive queue.