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The fax option is integrated within Cobwebb Document Management, however for ease of use it is presented on a separate menu, referred to as Cobwebb Fax.

Cobwebb Fax supports the Ascom Fax Gateway without the need for IBM Facsimile Support/400. If you are using the Ascom Fax Gateway (Cobwebb Modem) then there is no other software required.

Alternatively IBM Facsimile Support/400 can be used with the following IBM hardware: -

IBM 7852 Model 400 Data/FAX modem (for low volume faxing)

IBM Fax Adapter Card (#2664) SPD Card

IBM Integrated Analogue Modem (#2761) PCI Card

IBM Integrated ISDN Modem  (#2750) 2 wire version for USA, PCI Card (Fax to be announced)

IBM Integrated ISDN Modem  (#2751) 4 wire version for Europe PCI Card (Fax to be announced)

Note: The Integrated Modems require country certification/homologation.

The choice of hardware depends upon cost and convenience of installation. The load on the IBM i when converting the output for fax is not significant for the later RISC processors, however care must be taken when configuring an older RISC (V4R2). In this case the Ascom Fax Gateway can be configured to provide a solution which requires minimal IBM i resource (restricted functionality applies).

Facsimile Support/400 configuration is included in Cobwebb Fax; if you have created a fax description you should delete it (DLTFAXD), and create a new configuration using Cobwebb Fax.  Make sure that the Version of Facsimile Support/400 you have installed is the same as the release of IBM i.


The Cobwebb Fax module faithfully reproduces the printed document and sends it as a fax. Cobwebb Fax is able to extract the fax number from the spooled file, or look it up in a file. Faxing and printing can therefore be made completely automatic without changing the user's application. Cobwebb Fax automatically handles retrying failed faxes in the most efficient manner. An audit trail is maintained of all fax activity. Any fax can be copied, resent and printed.

Sending faxes directly from the IBM i using the Ascom Fax Modem, or IBM’s Facsimile Support/400 ensures complete IBM i reliability for automated faxing.  

Note: It may be necessary to purchase additional IBM i font libraries if the fonts you wish to use for fax are not available as standard.  

Creating a Fax with an overlay and using specified fonts is the same as creating a document to be printed on a printer.

Cobwebb Fax supports all the features which are required in a well laid out fax. Please see the Standard Fax Format topic.

Once the fax has been created a 'queuing' mechanism is provided so that it is easy to determine what has happened to the fax, i.e. has it been sent, if not for example, because the number is engaged, should it be retried until free.

Cobwebb Fax is accessed through the Cobwebb Fax & Email menu, the files it uses for overlays, fonts etc are the same as those for printing. In addition Cobwebb Fax provides a full queuing function which shows when a fax has been sent and controls the retrying of faxes if the fax fails to be sent first time.

A Fax directory is provided for fax numbers as well as a log to maintain a record of all sent faxes.

Faxes can be sent using the Cobwebb Spooled file monitor. Fax preparation can start with any IBM i Spooled file. Cobwebb Fax can be used to reformat the output and FAX specified as the output.  

On defining the output as *FAX, the parameters are displayed for finding the information defining the start of a new fax (in a multi fax print file), and also for scanning the text for the fax number (or reference to look up a fax number).