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As with Cobwebb Fax, Cobwebb Email reproduces the printed document and sends it as an email. The email option is integrated within Cobwebb Document Management, however for ease of use it is referred to as Cobwebb Email. Cobwebb Email sends spooled files as ‘.TXT’ or ‘.PDF’ attachments: in the case of .PDF, including Form Overlays, logos etc. Cobwebb Email works together with your SMTP Mail Server in order to send your emails, and no other hardware or software is required.

Cobwebb Email sends email via an SMTP Mail Server, such as MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, the IBM i SMTP Mail Server, etc., which must be available on the IBM i TCP/IP network.

These emails may be sent directly to the SMTP Mail Server or queued on the Cobwebb Queue and then sent automatically to the SMTP Mail Server. This function and other email setup parameters are configured via the Email Parameters menu option. The Cobwebb Queue may be accessed through an emulation or browser session.

Each email is given a unique reference number which is printed on the email: in addition each email is checked to make sure it has been received correctly by the SMTP Server. The email address may be found in the spooled file, held on the Email Directory or selected from the IBM i database, using a supplied Cobwebb ‘Exit Program’. Additional details, such as From, To, Ref, Attn, Subject, plus a short message may be included in the email either as constant information, extracted from details provided in the spooled file or retrieved via a Cobwebb ‘Exit Program’.

Email confirmation is also available within Cobwebb Email, again configurable via the Email Parameters.